bringing soil back to life

Soil Regeneration

Using Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Approach we are putting the life back into the soil and seeing positive yield results within one growing season. Our service provides the first step in this journey - a soil analysis by a qualified Soil Food Web Lab Technician

Benefits of a healthy soil food web

  • Eliminates the need for fertiliser  The correct biology makes nutrients available to the plants at the rate they need it
  • Retains nutrients Stops run off/ leaching
  • Suppresses disease Competition, inhibition, consumption; no more pesticides
  • Builds soil structure Reduces water use, increases water holding capacity, increase root depth
  • Suppress weeds 
  • Sequester carbon
  • Decomposes toxins

You can see the benefits to your crops within one growing season.

Check your soil

Sending in a sample of your soil will give you a breakdown of current biology in your soil.
You will see the fungal to bacterial ratio.
The amount of beneficial fungi and disease causing fungi.
Whether there is aerobic, anaerobic or pathogenic bacteria.
The amount of beneficial & detrimental protozoa per gram (Flagellates, amoebae & ciliates).
The amount of nematodes (identified in beneficial and harmful types).